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Main Reasons Why Choose Us

Supply & Install

We offer the best system to meet your budget using well-known brands with the highest warranty. You make your choice and we supply the product and install the system using professional CEC accredited installers who have worked with us for many years.

Solar Maintenance

For proficient photovoltaic panels, maintenance is key to the life and efficiency of a Solar system. We encourage a panel clean & voltage check to be done a minimum of every 2 years.

Renewable Energy

With the change in our climate we all have the responsibility to look at alternative energy source and how as individuals, we can reduce our carbon footprint. Solar is the fastest way to achieve this and to prepare for the future when home batteries and electric cars become a standard household item.

Residential & Commerical

Solar systems on residential is well advanced and until recently there has been a huge uptake in the commercial arena. With the realisation of how much energy is currently being used by businesses during daylight hours we understand we are a long way off our target for solar sustainability.

Solar Loans

Cheap energy at no initial cost.  At Solar Centre we not only offer market leading brands, service and pricing we can also help you to change to green energy by recommending you to a number of Finance specialist who have loans ranging from 2-7yrs at low interest rates. To learn more about our Solar Loans follow the link below or contact our team.

Newest Technologies

We endeavour to stay abreast with the continuous change in technologies and will only supply the latest products launched on the market. You can be assured the Clean Energy Council inspect every product before being approved and their duty is to oversee the industry.